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Special Features

Contains papaya enzymes, decomposition, and removal of the old horny layer, combined with l-Vitamin C, cleanses, lightens pigmentation and avoids pore blocking. Useful in the fight against acne formation.

Key Ingredients

Papaya extracts Containing Papaya Enzyme, a protein decomposition to moderate and remove old horny skin. Lightens surface artifacts (such as freckles, sun spots), leaving skin looking healthier. L-Vitamin C Vitamin C is absorbed into the body with very high rates of penetration, in addition to promoting the manufacture of collagen protein. Its high antioxidant effect can prevent the aging of skin cells, and helps restore skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays. It not only brightens the skin but also inhibits the production of tyrosinase, an enzyme that creates pigmentation. Willow bark extract Disinfection, softening skin effect, inhibition of Lactobacillus acne, remove old horny skin, avoids blocking pores resulting in less acne.

Dermat White Powder Wash


Lightens color spots. Inhibits melanin to prevent plaque. Moderate decomposition and removal of old horny skin. Antioxidant prevents skin cell senescence. Reduces blackheads and inflammatory acne.


Wet face with water, put a small amount of product on hand and gently massage into skin. Once the product has lathered, rinse, ensuring all soap is removed then dry.


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