Special Features

Developed specifically for neck skin problem, uses three efficient collagen peptides that completely smooth neck veins, tightens the skin, improves relaxation. Combined with breakthrough fermentation technology of high-efficiency extraction of components, offers rapid moisture, reduces fine line and provides superior anti-aging.

Key Ingredients

Three peptides-5

Can increase skin collagen manufacturing 176%, efficient structure in reorganization, Fraps, shrink the pores and tightens skin.

Blue copper peptides

Used to stimulate the formation of collagen and elastin, firm skin, reduce wrinkles while restoring the skin’s repairing capacity and reducing skin damage. Also, it can stimulate the formation of glucose polymer, increase the thickness of the skin, reduce sagging, antioxidant enzymes can also enhance skin against free radical function.

Fermented by lactic acid bacteria and pomegranate fruit extract

Promoting the regeneration of the epidermis to the dermal layer. Helps protect skin from ultraviolet light causing injury, also, it contributes to inhibiting the formation of tyrosinase.



Healing light neck grain reduction, at the same time, preventing the formation. Lifts neck skin making skin firm again. Powerful moisturizing effect quickly rolls back neck sheath. Inhibits melanin, improves neck yellow, dark surfaces. Enhance skin against free radical and slows down the skin aging. Protect against UV damage, protection of the vulnerable in the neck skin.


Use day and night after cleansing. Apply a small amount of product onto hand or cotton and massage onto the neck, ensuring all product is fully absorbed.


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