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Special Features

Contains a variety of efficient ingredients to help all four major causes of acne: abnormal horny skin, excess oil, the breeding ground for lactobacillus acne and skin irritation. The comprehensive settlement of inflammatory acne, removal of blackheads and whiteheads, can prevent acne and acne-Indian.

Key Ingredients

Tea tree oil

A natural antibacterial effect, helps balance oil secretion of skin, can effectively relieve, improve and repair the inflamed redness of the skin and acne.

Three chlorine and sediment

Effectively suppress acne bacillus breeds to improve inflammatory acne.

Sweet and acid, lactic acid, water Yang acid

Sweet and acid, lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid-AHA, effectively remove dead and aging skin, promotes cell metabolism, salicylic acid to acid BHA. Can penetrate the pores deep, cleaning pores of sebum in horny skin, blackheads, to avoid blocking pores. Preventing acne formation and has bactericidal, inhibit oil secretion function.

Roots of glycyrrhiza inflate extract, glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, DIPOTASSIUM glycyrrhizate 

Anti-inflammatory and bacteriostasis of sedative and soothing, antioxidize and repair damaged skin. Can increase the skin defense, inhibiting melanin synthesis and tyrosinase activity.



Curbs actobacillus acne and fade inflammation swelling acne. Removal of aging skin, avoids blocking pores that form blackheads. Balancing oil secretion of skin to prevent acne formation. Reduces melanin, remove acne printing. Increase the skin defense, improving skin health.


Morning and evening after cleansing and using the lotion, apply to dry skin, apply to problematic part and rub in. Allow to dry.



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